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  • Re.: Report of fraud in Tanzania Hereby I signed Ludovico want to report a fraud suffered against me during my stay for the Christmas holidays. The day on December 13 of 2015 to prepare for my trip to Tanzania I booked and paid a rent of 2 bikes for 4 days (24-27 December) in Zanzibar through Kiango Adventure Safaris from the Lord David in Dar Es Salaam. When I landed at the Port of Zanzibar where I had the 'date for delivery of the bikes, unfortunately the' Agency did not show up. After several attempts to contact them, we could speak with the head of the Society of hire who admitted he had not paid the 'intermediary and that in 3 days. Would reimburse payment 289 USD Afther three days from the day of repayment we were still waiting for the refund. Concerned about what happened, I went directly to 'address of the agency, which unfortunately did not exist. Even though David has answered the phone but did not want to meet us personally. At January 17 I have not yet received payment . di , 18 Gen. 2016
Tanzania - Zanzibar, Tanzania
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