Combination of Namibian highlights with diverse cu

We'll write in English because many friends from Namibia will be able to read it!!! We advise you to rent a 4x4 to drive safely (for whom where travelling in namibia in our period, we were the only ones with ...

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We'll write in English because many friends from Namibia will be able to read it!!! We advise you to rent a 4x4 to drive safely (for whom where travelling in namibia in our period, we were the only ones with a Toyota 4x$ light blue :-)).

We drove 4.800 kms and the majority of them are gravel roads even if in good conditions.

We went to visit remote villages and primary school where we left clothes and gifts for kids.

This is the best way to know them and make them happy. They are all very poor but they seem to be happy. This is the main difference with South America.

Africa is a great experience!!!!! Namibia is the best place I've ever seen in my life!!! This journey displays a combination of the touristy highlights of Namibia and its diverse cultures. The rich variety of cultures each has their own distinct values and traditions, and render a unique character to the profile of Namibian society. Day 1: Arrival at Windhoek International Airport met and greet by our representative. Transferred to the hotel, where you go over your itinerary with the representative – receipt of rental car. Nested between the edge of vast Namibian wilderness pulsating capital of Namibia, Windhoek lies a hotel adventure like no other. Step into the glow of unrivalled Namibian hospitality at Safari hotel. Enjoy lunch at the hotel and get picked up in the afternoon for a Katutura by night experience combined with a township tour. The township tour gives visitors the opportunity to learn about the history, development and people of Katutura. The sprawling suburb on Windhoek’s northern outskirts some 10 km from the CBD was established in 1950’s as a result of South Africa’s apartheid policy of divide and rule. Today Katutura is a crowded suburb where people from different cultures live together in peace and harmony. From iron shacks to up-market houses, it is a diverse, lively and historical place to visit. The Katutura by night experience is filled with traditional dancing and African food. The venue is a meeting place for local Namibians from all walks of life. You will be sitting around a fire and enjoy your dinner whilst taken in the cultural experience. Namibian craft and paintings will be at display for sale. This experience will provide an enlightening, positive and entertaining experience to the client with a deeper understanding of the Namibian cultures. Day 2: After breakfast depart from Windhoek. The route leads southwards to Blässkranz Guest Farm which lies along the northern reaches of the Naukluft. In the otherwise relatively inaccessible Naukluft, a valley of several kilometers in length was formed. It is in this valley that one will find the farmhouse. Surrounded by precipitous crags almost 2,000 m in height, Blässkranz is an ideal point of departure for mountaineer and hiker alike. This is the prime habitat for mountain zebra, kudu and leopard. Another very rewarding excursion is the Märker Cave, which was used by Bushmen in earlier times.

Day 3: After breakfast, the tour proceeds further south towards the famous dunes of Sossusvlei. Lunch, dinner, bed and breakfast at Betesda Lodge. In the heart of the Namib Desert there is a place where time does not exist. A world of colour, awe-inspiring plains, surrounded by magnificent mountains, you can experience tranquility, silence and solitude. Drive into the famous Sossusvlei boasting the highest dunes in the world. The dramatic colours, enhanced by the setting sun will be experienced. Day 4: Continue through the Kuiseb Canyon and across the Namib Desert to the Atlantic Coast. Along the way the ancient Welwitschia mirabilis desert plant and moon landscape may be visited. Arrive in Swakopmund, much loved by Namibians as a welcome respite from the heat of interior. It is also popular amongst visitors because of its old-world charm and relaxed atmosphere. The ancient Hotel Eberwein was built in 1909 by Hermann Wille, an architect and building engineer. Although the villa was converted into a first class hotel in 1999, the exterior structure of the building has remained untouched. All rooms are furnished in the Victorian style. After refreshing, enjoy lunch at one of the local restaurants. Afternoon township tour with Ata hangu tours. A few kilometers from the centre of Swakopmund is the suburb of Mondesa, a far more African and more complex pat of town. The township tour provides a well-organized excursion that reflects the history of Mondesa, the township established in 1950s to provide housings for blacks working in Swakopmund. Dinner may be enjoyed at one of the restaurants in town

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